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Luna and Mateo

Gender: Female and Male

Weight: 10 lbs and 8 lbs 

Age:  8 years and 5 years

Can Live With: Older Children, Birds, Chickens, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Rats or Hamsters, Horses, Livestock, Rabbits

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: None

Location: Springville

Owner Info: Stephanie L. (801) 358-0691


Luna and Mateo have been together all their lives. They are bonded, and definitely a package deal.  Luna is an 8 year old full breed Manx, which is why she does not have a tail!  She is grey, with short hair with beautiful green eyes.  Mateo is a 5 year old half mancoon half bobtail, which is why he also does not have a tail!  He has long hair and a tuxedo coat, with gorgeous yellow eyes.  Luna loves belly rubs, relaxing, and is the quite one out of the two.  She's not great with small children.  Mateo is more like a dog, he's a talker and loves to play fetch!  He's great with all kids.  Both good with big dogs, not good with small breeds.  Both are very cuddly and love to be snuggled, they have both been declawed on their front paws but still have their back claws.  They are also both completely house broken and litter box trained.  They really are the best pets.

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