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Milsap & Mama

Gender:  Male

Weight:  10 Pounds

Age:  6 years old

Can Live With: Older Children 12+, Children

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: None

Location: South Salt Lake

Owner Info: Kaley R. (801) 425-6880


Milsap has a sister, Mama; they need to be adopted together. They are the same litter. Mama is about 15 pounds. (Milsaps size may be due to having a different father; he didn't open his eyes for over a week after the rest of them and was a runt so we took him to the vet and he said the mother may have gotten pregnant with him while she was already carrying the rest of the litter. Based on his eye color, his talkative personality, and his extra ear hair, he may be part maine coon) They're very easy cats. They have never gotten on kitchen counters, rarely the bathroom counter. They don't knock stuff off of coffee tables. They're good about using scratching posts and pads rather than furniture.
They grew up around a husky for the first 4 years of their life (which is where I think they learned to not get on the kitchen counter ever). They've never been around children, and they probably wouldn't like it as they prefer a calm environment. Milsap is a big cuddler and loves to talk, Mama is more independent but still loves her morning and night time cuddles. Milsap gets anxious with closed doors in the home and will cry to be let in, but is very timid of the outdoors. Mama loves to be on the patio and sometimes will creep towards the open door I've left it open for groceries but she's never made a dash or any attempt to run away. They've been outside on the grass outside my apartment without leashes and never made any attempt to run away. Milsap likes to chew on strings and will chew off your hoodie/sweatpants strings if he gets a chance, he also tries to eat hair if it's hanging in front of him. I shave them myself to keep them from matting and to keep their bums clean and they're very chill with the shaver. They're pretty good about nail clippings as well, although I do wrap them in a towel with just one paw out at a time to keep them from wriggling. I have an xl cat tree from chewy that's less than a year old, an xl litter box as well as a large plastic tub I use as a 2nd litter box. I have a variety of toys and treats. I have a full case+ of the wet food they eat for breakfast and would be willing to purchase a new bag of their dry food upon adoption, as I'm halfway through their current bag. Their dry food will come with a tub to keep it as fresh as possible. These cats are my babies and if I could find anyway to keep them with me, I would but Ive been unable to find someone in my small circle to take them in and I cannot subject them to the minimalist lifestyle I'm about to have to take on. They deserve the best home. Pls reach out with any questions or for any extra pictures

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