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Gender:  Female

Weight:  10 Pounds

Age:  10-12 years old

Can Live With: Older Children 12+, Children, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Horses, Livestock, Rabbits

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Up to Date on Vaccines: Yes

Any Special Needs: None

Location: Provo

Owner Info: Cara M. (801) 472-2611


She is absolutely the best cat. She looks grumpy, but she is so sweet and just wants to cuddle all of the time. She absolutely hates being alone and just wants to be where ever you are. She needs someone to love her and to be with her. Belly rubs are her favorite. But any kind of attention is what she loves. She is wonderful with kids if they are gentle, and she even puts up with young kids well. She loves my dog, and bird. She is getting too old to be an outdoor cat. She acts like she wants to go outside, but won't go out if given the chance. She likes being inside. She does not get separation anxiety, but does not like to be alone. My dog keeps her company while I am gone.

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